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Welcome to Glassy Solutions

We have been in the Glass Application Field since 15 years, this website ( is the outcome of experience in the glass application field. Today with the availability of so many types of building glass in the market.People often get confused, with the applicability, with this also increased small glass processor at every corner of the country misleading people & running after their ignorance & cashing them. Through this website we try to give you a fair idea of the types of glass to the used in buildings/residences.

The ideas/tips are purely our own gained from hands on experiences gained all these, years which we put in this format.It is our utmost effort to give the best to all. We also welcome the valuable tips & suggestions from public in general & experts from this field to spread the awareness in the best of our knowledge. Today, if we want to do anything, we have to incur some expenses, so do we, to access our services IDEAS FOR YOU. We charge a nominal fee of ₹ 350 to ₹ 500. You will get your answers in 72 Hours time.



Please note that we do all we can to ensure accuracy & timeliness of the information/suggestions presented herein, but errors may still understandably occur in some cases. The information are purely our own gained from experience in the field of glass application. These are not Accredited by any Authority or Organization for their authenticity. Glass accepts no responsibility what so ever for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the information or suggestion. This website is basically for those who want to have basic information about the product concerned & general application.